Kessels, J. (1995). Opleiden en leren in arbeidsorganisaties: het ambivalente perspectief van de kennisproduktiviteit. Comenius, (2), 179–193.

Summary (publicatie in het Nederlands)

The perceptions of education and learning in organizations are changing rapidly. A velvet revolution takes place where the meaning of knowledge, learning and working is concemed. As opposed to the conviction that human beings represent the most important resources and capital of an organisation, the reality of restructuring and business process re-engineering focuses on improved productivity and lower labour costs. A process of segregation between highly talented knowledge workers and service personnel evolves. Employees will be considered as resources as long as they contribute to the development of the company’s core competencies and its knowledge productivity. This perspective has a definite impact on the ability to learn, the educational system and new social imbalances.