Kessels, J.W.M. (2015) Andragogy

Kessels, J.W.M. (2015). Andragogy. In R. Poell, T.S Rocco, & G. Roth (eds.). The Routledge Companion to Human Resource Development. Chapter 2. Oxford: Taylor & Francis.

The field of Human Resource Development (HRD) has grown in prominence as an independent discipline from its roots in both management and education since the 1980s. There has been continual debate about the boundaries of HRD ever since.

Drawing on a wide and respected international contributor base and with a focus on international markets,this book provides a thematic overview of current knowledge in HRD across the globe. The text is separated into nine sections which explore the origins of the field, adjacent and related fields, theoretical approaches, policy perspectives, interventions, core issues and concerns, HRD as a profession, HRD around the world, and emerging topics and future trends. An epilogue rounds off the volume by considering the present and future states of the discipline, and suggesting areas for further research.

The Routledge Companion to Human Resource Development is an essential resource for researchers, students and HRD professionals alike.

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Joseph Kessels prepared Chapter 2: Andragogy

The main focus of andragogy has been: helping adults learn and develop, creating favorable conditions for learning and development in a work environment as well as in their private lives. The development of andragogy has close relationships with adult education and HRD and encountered major debates on its assumptions and scientific foundations. The critical approach of andragogy still offers a meaningful contribution to HRD in an emerging knowledge society.

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