Kessels, J.W.M. (2020) Towards a learning culture for sustainable knowledge productivity. Journal of Intercultural Management and Ethics. (3) 57-66.

Joseph Kessels examines the implications of the transition from a traditional economy towards a knowledge society, in which the need for improvement and innovation is a driving force. The main concept is built on knowledge productivity as an ongoing learning process that enables the search for relevant information, the development of new competencies and capabilities, and their application to urgent matters in the day-to-day work environment. As a consequence the work environment should be perceived as a powerful learning environment. If so, it is argued that there is a need for a well-developed corporate curriculum, a rich learning culture in which improvement and innovation can take place. He writes: “An analysis of a series of European and Asian empirical studies sheds new light on the importance of a creative learning culture and the role of leadership. The article concludes with a set of policies and design principles that facilitate a learning culture for sustainable knowledge productivity.