Lodders, N. (2013). Teachers learning and innovating together. PhD Thesis. enschede: Univeristy of Twente

We conducted three studies: a survey study, a case study and a game simulation. We studied 'collective learning', the closely related concept of 'social individual learning',their relationship, and their relationship to 'transformational leadership' in the three academic departments identified by Kuijpers and Meijers (2012) as 'best practice cases'. In their study, these departments demonstrated above average success in developing and implementing a CGP. As such, we studied 'collective learning' in a 'real life' innovation context. We also studied the indicated interrelationships in a larger set of teacher teams, usinga quantitative research design. We used a sampleto test a set of hypothesized relationships between 'collective learning', 'social individual learning' and 'transformational leadership' in teachers' day to day work setting. Finally, using a game simulation, we studied the relationship between teams' collective learning processes and their general and innovative performance.

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