Onstenk, J., & Kessels, J. (1999). Employability: arbeidsmarkt, brede vakbekwaamheid en burgerschap. Comenius, (2), 113–132.

English summary (publicatie in het Nederlands en in het Engels)
Employability: labour market, competence and citizenship. Changes in organisations, the development of teams and democratisation of labour relations seem to have diminished the traditional antagonism between employment and citizenship. In the evolving market society, individuals are becoming more and more dependent on their ability and motivation to develop a broad set of competencies to ensure their employability. The authors analyse the competencies that are required in a competitive labour market and the competencies that enable citizens to participate in a civil society. Employees that are encouraged to improve and change their work environment may meanwhile develop the competencies for civil responsibility and personal growth. A critical attitude towards appropriate situated choices is part of these competencies.